Ompare and contrast two forms of popular culture: the department store before the mid-twentieth century and the online shopping on Amazon today.

The goal in this paper is to thoroughly explain these two forms of popular culture, and the contexts in which they are embedded.
(a) Who are the participants?
(b) What socioeconomic or cultural contexts surround these practices?
(c) What kinds of spaces are needed or used for these practices?
(d) What purposes do these forms of culture offer for their participants?

First third of the essay should be descriptive, the second third should analyze each form of culture, and the final third should compare and contrast the two forms. What has made each of them popular? How are these forms of popular culture similar and/or different in form, function, audience, material culture, etc?

**(1) Tell the audience why are they fruitful to make the comparison
(2) Why do they matter to make comparison?