Ompare and contrast two Middle Eastern civil wars, such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, or Libya.

This essay is required for one of my modules entitles: Political Transition in the Middle EastA century of conflict.I would like you to please compare and contrast Lebanon and Syrian civil wars. I think it might be helpful for you to know what the module was about. This is its description: This course examines the different forms of political change which have been prevalent in the region during the 20th and 21st centuries a including coups, revolutions, and wars, for example. An understanding of these political processes requires an interdisciplinary approach incorporating aspects of history, economics, and sociology, which this course aims to provide. It offers students the chance to explore different modes of transition by analysing a number of case studies through a comparative analytical perspective, thereby creating an understanding of the idiosyncrasies of individual cases and a number of broader and recurring political trends. Students will thus be able to better understand and explain the current changes affecting the region, the historical context which informs them, and the challenges which lay ahead for individual countries and the combustible region as a whole.

This essay is for a third year Politics with International Relations student at a top university. Therefore, the writing style must be very professional.

Moreover, I have some sources, that I would like the writer to please use and also add more. The sources should be about 15-20 but not less than that.

These are the sources (please email me if you cannot access them and I will send you PDF versions of them:
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Finally, the marking criteria are based upon: Comprehension, analysis and critique, relevance, presentation, academic practice.

Thank you and good luck writing :)