Ompare and contrast two of your favorite song choruses

Compare and contrast two of your favorite song choruses.
the songs i chose are :-

1-Work out by J-cole”
Hey, we got a good thing
Dont know if Ima see you again
But is that a good thing?
Cause girl I cant be your man, no maam
I know whats on your brain
Youre probably hoping never would end
Like is it the real thing
Or is it just a one night stand”

you can talk about like how Workout is a very mainstreem song, and how its talking about the media and hoe their is no story behind the song.

2-Daddies little girl by J-cole”
Hey, take a couple of shots and its on
Bet you I can drink it straight without even throwin up”
She said Daddy what you think?”
Little girl youre growin up, growin up”
Hey, listen baby girl they playin your song

Mama couldnt never reach her
Brother tried his best to teach her
She thinks shes ready for the world
Just look at daddys little girl”

you can say like how this song can be like a real scenario that could happen to a real girl from a normal family. she was just made believe at a young age and now shes a stripper.