Ompare and contrast two studies, follow instructions below

Compare and contrast the two studies a?Organizational and Cultural Change for Providing Safe Patient Carea? (pages 382-384a? and a?Healthy Lives: A Cost Effective, User Friendly Way to Improve Health and Productivity in Targeted Chronically Ill Workersa? (pages 387-396) from book Organizational behavior in Health Care (2nd edition) regarding the implementation of change management within an organization. a?a?How was Kotteras eight-step approach used? a?Share with your peers a change management initiative you were involved in a either as a change agent or as someone affected by the change a How effect was the change process? In other words, would you consider it a successful or unsuccessful change initiative? Why? What would you have done differently?
Tips about my job: Iam a nurse that implement a preventive program, to prevent readmissions, offering patientas home visits after recent hospitalizations. It has been a success over the last two years. Currently I am in the process of implement electronic medical record, I am still learning. It has some disadvantage since internet connection is through an Air Card and the connection is not always satisfactory and it has consequences on the amount of patients visited per day since home visit duration is longer. However, it can get better with time if I get use to the system and process.