Ompare and contrast TWO theories of motivation. Describe how a manager might use these theories to increase motivation in their team.

1. you should write using the British English.
2. you should do in text citation.
3. you should mention different views from different scholars about the topic as possible.
4write good introduction for the topic and define motivation according to different scholars.
5. the theories must be process theories and not content theories
6. you should balance the number of words that talk about each par, the theories part and the how the manager can use them .
7. All assertions must be backed up with evidence from the literature.
8. Word limit is 2000 words (± 10%)
9. please I need to be as good as possible because there is no time for the feedback.
10. using websites as source is not allowed.
You should use Harvard referencing style for bibliography and in text citation.