Ompare and Contrast two works of art from two different time periods.

Compare & Contrast Essay
Select two works of art from two different time periods that appear in your textbook.

ART WORK #1: The Grande Ludovisi Sarcophagus (THE LUDOVISI BATTLE)

ART WORK #2:Dying Warrior:Temple of Aphaia Aegina ca. 490-480 B.C.

You will need to investigate each work thoroughly, including information gained from outside sources including but not limited to other texts, and online sources (other than your text).

Choose three different aspects of the works to compare and contrast in your essay; all three areas of comparison and contrast should be approximately balanced in length and detail level.

The important features of each work are aesthetic such as technique, material, and dimensions as well as the visual elements from the Introduction: form, space, area/plane, mass/volume, line, perspective, scale/proportion, value, color, and texture. Please also consider your classification terminology: chronology, provenance, style and stylistic change, iconography and subject matter, meaning/cause and context, as well as interpretation.

Make sure your personal observations and visual interpretations back up your supportive statements. (Personal interpretation is very important to this kind of exercise.)

I want to know what you think. What is the most glaring similarity between the works? Start there, and then define the differences.

The essay must be double-spaced and typewritten. 1000 words minimum, five paragraphs.

Cite all of your references using MLA rules (see Citation Styles Online! MLA Style). Include source, author, publisher, date, page number. If the info is from the Internet, get the web address as well as author and site name. This is to avoid plagiarism. Papers that are not authored by the student will not be graded.