Ompare and contrast Wilde and Hardys presentation of the fallen woman

Say how you agree with the views, that Hardy provokes more sympathy through his portrayal than Wilde.
1.Nature of fall a how this is effected by social class a Tess is poorer and has more strife in her life more sympathy. Arbuthnotas fall is not really a fall.
2.Challenging the perception of the fallen woman, why it a?changesa who they are
3.Contrast of outcomes, freedom a physically, mentally or spiritually.
Yeah just comparing how Hardy provokes more sympathy through Tess than Wilde does with Mrs. Arbuthnot & possibly other characters (all should really be focused around the fallen woman).
There is pretty much only one way to structure this essay that will please my teacher because its a comparison essay across two texts:
1.Topic Sentence: needs to introduce a point of comparison & should be worded as follows: Both Wilde and Hardy present elevation of social status as something to aspire to OR: Whilst Wilde presents blah as blah, Hardy presents it as blah
2. The first section of points must focus on AWONI; AWONI must always be dealt with first in the point. The analysis of AWONI must be more detailed than the analysis of Tess. (Analyse around 5-6 features/techniques/quotations)
3. The second section of your point must make a comparison or contract across to Tess Analyse between 3-4 features/techniques/quotations.
4. The final few sentences of the paragraph needs to explore the to what extent debate in relation to the point that has just been made.
5. Throughout all of the apparently it is vital to integrate relevant historical understanding.
All of this has to be done at least 3 times (in accordance to the points at the top). Of course if you find another point you wish to add (to make it 4 paragraphs then that would be amazing) & if you wish to slightly alter the points being made then feel free if you believe it will be of benefit. Thank you!