Ompare and Contrast World Bank and United Nations Security Council

1) 1.5 spacing, Roman Times, font 12.
2)All such papers must be fully researched in order to provide information and documentation for what you are telling the reader about your topic. Use at least 3 academic sources. The sources will include articles in scholarly publications, Journal Articles, books and both print and electronic media. Wikipedia is not to be used as a source. All sources, including those obtained from the internet, must be fully cited. For internet sources, give the full address and the date you referenced the site.
3)Your Own Perspective
All good ideas contain the authoras own perspective. As such, revisit your work and check whether: you merely restated someone elseas argument. Does your paper contain evidence that you thought seriously about a problem and drew on a variety of sources to make your own argument?

Before handing in your research paper check the following:
i) Is there a clear argument (s) in your essay?
ii) How well have you made your case?
iii) Did you merely assert a point, or did you argue it using evidence and logical sub-arguments?
iv) Did you have your facts straight?
v) Have you avoided colloquial language and clichA┬ęs?
vi) Is the essay written in a serious style?
vii) Have you used a standard form of academic documentation (e.g. bibliography, footnotes, endnotes, etc)?