Ompare and Contrast Your art work to a Fantastic Artistas Work.

Compare and Contrast Your Work to a Fantastic Artistas Work. You could refer to these informations below:

Identify the artist (Independent, Dada, or Surrealist) and the work that you have selected to review.
Indicate when the work was created and what medium was used.
Provide some historical background of the artist and the fantastic movement you have selected to discuss.
Conduct personal research of the artist and artwork you are discussing in your narrative. Itas crucial that you learn more about the artist than what is provided on the course website and reflect that knowledge in your writing.
Explain what you find especially interesting, inspiring, or disturbing about this artistas work.
Discuss how the artistas work relates to the ideas and goals of your own work.
Explain how you made your artwork and what techniques, materials, and concepts you used.
Explain the story behind your work (why you created it, your influences, the memories attached to the work).
Discuss the formal and conceptual aspects of both artworks (subject matter, form, and content) using at least 7-8 vocabulary terms and concepts from the assigned reading. Make sure to type vocabulary in ALL CAPS.
Follow the intro, body, and conclusion format to organize your writing. Tips on structuring your narrative can be found in the Course Orientation under a?Creating an Outlinea?.
Make sure to cite all of your sources (books, internet, etc) in a Works Cited page at the end of your narrative.