Ompare and critically analyze the UK marketing strategies of Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut

Using publicly available resources and other references compare and critically analyse the UK marketing strategies of Dominos and Pizza Hut.General Guidelines

Remember to structure your assignment clearly (introduction, analysis, and conclusion).
You must discuss the marketing theories and concepts using appropriate academic literature and examples for the companies you have chosen. Where appropriate, you can use graphs and other visual material in your assignment. Your assignment must have appropriate referencing (refer to your handbookKings College London).

Specific Guidelines
Based on academic literature, discuss the various relevant topics that may inform a marketing strategy. For example, the marketing mix (promotion, place, price, and product life cycle, and portfolio analysis), the nature of marketing (why marketing is relevant) and market segmentation. Remember that this list of topics is not exhaustive and while your essay must be focused, you may wish to go beyond the specified reading material using relevant articles to show evidence of independent/wider reading and research. Remember to focus on academic articles, reputable sources of information such as business reviews, articles, journals, etc. be critically analytical throughout your essay.

In structuring your essay: the introduction section should introduce the reader to the purpose of your essay, your chosen company and what you intend to discuss. Avoid a detailed description of the companies chosen but you may wish to mention why these companies and the topics have been chosen. Your analysis section should be the longest and demonstrate evidence of your critical analysis with a key focus on the question set. When analysing, explain why the analysis is relevant to the essay question. The conclusion should make relevant statements that follow logically from the main body of the essay. No new information should be introduced.