Ompare and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different sources of haemapoietic stem cells in transplantation.

Number of words is 4000 with +/200 words limit.
The plan I need to present the essay is the following:

I. Introduction
Definition of Stem cells (SCs) and SC transplantation.

II. Application of SCs in transplantation
*Type of disorders treated
*Type of SCs transplants available
*availability & collection of different sources:mention sibling donors, registries,cord blood banks.
-risks for donors:use of growth factors
venous access.
*Ethical issues regarding the sources
III. Outcome of SC transplantation
*Factors affecting the outcome:
-time for engraftment or immune reconstitution
-Transplant related mortality
*Role of HLA compatibility
*Effect of other cells in the graft in GVHD and GVL, and the balance of GVHD and GVL in each source of SC.

IV. Conclusions: final comparisons of the key points discussed above.

There should be use of tables and diagrams in the essay when making comparisons and drawing conclusions.

I also have a file of my first version, which can be ilustrative or even better if some of the information i put there, could be used in writing this one, according to the general plan I wrote above. I hope the final plan can be adjusted during the time we will be in contact, during this process.


PD: I attached the file for the references i used in my essay before.
References should be written in the same style used in the international journal of immunogenetics. A minimum of 25 references can be cited, however I have a file with the references I used for this essay, and I can send u the file with them, as I would need, that some of the same references are cited in this new version of my essay.