Ompare and evaluate functionalist and intentionalist explanations of two cases of mass murder The Holocaust and Rwanda

I am required to compare and evaluate functionalist and intentionalist explanations for the holocaust and rwanda genocide.
intro definition and reference to the two cases
compare with the similarities and differences in explanations
evaluate with strenghts and weaknesses
using historians perspectives and their written academic work to back this up as referencing. eg whether they write from a functionalist or intentionalist perspective. evaluating their explanation.

I am unsure what the question is asking but I think that is the general idea behind it.
this is the start I made on it below:

The debate surrounding functionalist and intentionalist views with regards to the Holocaust centers on two main questions, was there a master plan all along from Adolf Hitler to exterminate the Jewish race? Intentionalists argue that there was such a plan whilst functionalists argue against this.
Did the idea of the Holocaust come from the orders of Adolf Hitler or from within the ranks of the German bureaucracy? Intentionalists argue the initiative came from Adolf Hitler whilst functionalists contend it came from lower ranks within the bureaucracy.

Referencing Requirements:
I have to reference historians work with regards to their perspective and exaplanations.
there is a list of authors i have been provided and the rest are up to me to find.
here are the list I have been given.
Kershaw, I 2000 hitler and the holocaust in The nazi dictatorship. chapter 5 on the Func/Int debate
Christopher Browning, the decision making process in Dan stone the histography of the holocaust
Tom Lawson, 2010 debates on the Holocaust. chapters 2, 4 and 5. discusses the Func/Int debate
Bauman Z, Modernity and the holocaust (KEY) chapter 4 is useful functionalist explanation.
Raul Hilberg Definition by decree
Michael Mann, The dark side of democracy. chapters 15 and 16 functionalist account
Melvern, L Conspiracy to murder the rwandan genocide. Intentionalist approach
Donald Bloxham The final solution A genocide (chapter 7 why did they kill?)

This is not a complete list more relevant references are permitted.