Ompare and/or contrast Berryas vision of the future with Reichas

1. Robert Reichas vision of the future mirrors other visions imagined by futurists (Bill Gates, for example, in The Road Ahead). In a?Why the Rich Are Getting Richera┬Ža? Reich envisions a future dominated by symbolic analysts living in an environment of high technology, global webs, constant mobility of people and corporations, etc. In other words, those who will thrive in the global economy of the 21st century will spend much of their time in cyberspace, a a?placea? one might describe by stealing Gertrude Steinas phrase, a?There is no there there.a?

Read Wendell Berryas a?People, Land, and Community.a? Compare and/or contrast Berryas vision of the future with Reichas. Be sure to organize comparison and/or contrast body paragraphs around specific categorical alignments (key ideas).