Ompare animal communication and human language.

1. Compare animal communication and human language.
2. In order to accomplish this assignment, students will observe a group of animals and a group of humans. Each student will prepare a paper addressing the questions posed and submit their conclusions.
3. Instructions:
Part I: Nonhuman Communication
Choose a group of nonhumans to observe. It is best if the number of the group is under about seven individuals, but includes males, females, and young.
Section 1
A. Where was the study conducted:
B. Type of animal
Number, age, and sex of animals:
a. __________ young males.
b. __________ young females.
c. __________ adult males.
d. __________ adult females.
Description of surroundings

Section 2
Choose one individual and note how that individual interacts with the others in the group. After doing this for ten minutes, choose another individual as your subject and follow its interactions. Do this four or five times. You are looking for how the individuals communicate with each other. Note each time they vocalize, touch, gaze, or sniff at each other. Be as specific as you can be in describing each behavior. You can find a sample data collection form in the Module Materials.
Part II: Human Communication
Choose a group of humans to observe. Again, doni??t choose a group that is too large for you to quickly familiarize yourself with the individuals of the group. You might use a group of children interacting among themselves as well as with their adult overseers, or people at a party, school, family gathering, shopping mall, restaurant, and so on.
Section 1
Where was the study conducted
Number of people and their age and sex
a. ______________ b. ______________ c. ______________
d. ______________ e. ______________ f. ______________
g. ______________ h. ______________ i. ______________
Description of surroundings
Section 2. Repeat the instructions for Part I, Section II.
Part III: Analysis
What mode of communication seemed to be predominant in the nonhuman group?
What mode of communication seemed to be predominant in the human group?
Did the humans or nonhumans seem to use a greater variety of communication behaviors? Explain.
What types of things did each group seem to be communicating about? (Of course, you are not expected to understand the animalsi?? communication system in any specific way, but you might be able to make some general guesses as to whether a specific communicative act related to dominance, territoriality, sexual responsiveness, fear, affection, and so on).

Discussion Question Rubric
Item Points
Proficient Average Not There
Well-developed ideas. 3 1 0
Clear evidence of critical thinking -application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Assignment is characterized by clarity of argument, depth of insight into theoretical issues, originality of treatment, and relevance. Arguments are well supported. 5 3 0
Assignment was posted on or before due date. 5 3 0
All questions are addressed in the analysis. 5 3 0
Standard English mechanics and grammar were used in the initial post. 2 1 0
Replied to at least one other studenti??s post with constructive comments. 5 3 0
Total 25

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Please use reference: i?? Yule, D. (2014). The Study of Language (5th Ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Chapter 3, pp. 26-38)
i?? Yule, D. (2014). The Study of Language (5th Ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Chapter 4, pp. 39-49)