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Write a 1250-2000-word compare/contrast research paper, Remember, you are not limited to just comparing or contrasting. Use current MLA parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page to credit the sources you used, and no, WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE. The essay must be double-spaced and in Times New Roman, size 14 font. Also remember: You are NOT permitted ANY PARAPHRASES in this paper. ANY USAGE OF PARAPHRASING WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF 50. Submit your paper as in Rich Text Format. Be sure to turn your essay in on time! As usual, you are not permitted any personal pronouns or contractions in this essay. This is where your adherence to my strict policies regarding omitting You,contractions, and writing in past tense will pay off. This paper is graded VERY strictly, so pay close attention to EVERY aspect, MLA AND content, of the paper.