Ompare Australias and Hong Kongs financial system types of financial products & services, importance of banks vs stock exchange

Technology has enabled the development of a whole new range of sophisticated financial instruments that facilitate the movement of funds between surplus units and deficit units in different nation states. Discuss this issue with reference to Australias financial system and the financial system of Hong Kongs.

The essay must consider
1) Types of financial products and services (300 words)
2) Relative importance of banks versus stock exchange as the source of industrial financing (450 words)

Students should consult the websites of the central banks in order to provide empirical evidence of the common and unique elements in the financial systems. Students may also visit the Financial Structure Dataset and the IMFs international Financial Statistics for relevant information. Australia RBA, ASIC, ASX, APRA websites are highly recommended to visit.

I have attached an assignment my group did last semester on a similar finance subject, please have a look.

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