Ompare between Plato and Karl marx on the topic of human nature.

3. Summarize and interpret each authoras perspective. For each philosopher, write two to three paragraphs describing the authoras philosophical views on the topic and the reasons for their views. Use quotations to illustrate the authoras views, and summarize key terms and ideas in your own words. Pay special attention to reasons and arguments for the authoras position.

4. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each authoras position using the Checklist for Analyzing Arguments. Remember: the strength and quality of the authoras arguments do not depend on whether you agree with them. Your evaluations should be balanced and fair.

5. Explain which author you believe has the strongest position on the topic.

6. Discuss your own position on the topic. Include you own original argument to support your position.

7. Write a conclusion summarizing the results of your analysis. Write an introduction announcing who and what your essay will discuss, along with a summary of your position and conclusions.