Ompare Blood Meridian and The Sound and the Fury

Discuss the characters of the Judge in Blood Meridian and Jason Compson in The Sound and the Fury. Both characters have evil and sadistic qualities and are similar in certain aspects. But they are also different in their acts and how they affect society.

Which character is more dangerous and evil? Picture each character as representing others in society just like them whether in the past, present or future. The Judge could represent serial killers, child killers, or perhaps religious zealots like David Koresh or Jim Jones. One aspect about characters like the judge is that they may be extremely evil, but they are rare in society. People like Jason may not seem as evil, but there numbers are far greater and they are integrated into all areas of society. Often times low keyed, quiet hate is the most serious. When hate, greed, racism and bigotry are quietly all around us, could that be more dangerous than one or two mass murderers in the whole world? Or could the all-encompassing evil of someone like the judge be the start of another Hitler?

Write a FULL two-page essay where you discuss which character is the most dangerous. Introduce both characters, but for your thesis make sure to show one over the other. You may compare and contrast both, but overall the essay should support one character as being more dangerous in the world. ONLY use 3rd person, NO 1st or 2nd person. You can base your support on any part of history as well, meaning the past, now or even in the future.

You may use examples from the novels, but you want to discuss how these types of characters exist in the real world, and also how they affect the real world (or affected).

Do NOT use outside sources other than the novels, so you will not need a Works Cited page.