Ompare Canadian Healthcare System with US Healthcare System

Criticizes the main differences between the US and Canadian healthcare systems. Evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of each system.
Most countries have a medical workforce of one-third specialists and two-thirds generalists. The ratio is just the opposite in the US. The ideal is to achieve an equal number of generalist and specialist physicians. How do you think the change will affect the trio of concerns: costs, access, and quality?
Why dont providers in the health care system recognize a broader social mission than addressing the needs of only those individuals who achieve access to their services?
There is considerable evidence that many of the new medical technologies are used inappropriately, to generate income. What patient protections against inappropriate diagnostic and other procedures should be considered?
It has already been demonstrated that, in the absence of governmental intervention, market forces will reconfigure the system on the basis of economic concerns, with little regard for considerations of quality or access. Upon whom should the responsibilities of quality and access be placed and why?
Please use references from books and journals.