Ompare characters Aeneas and Turnus from the Aeneidby Virgil

The first paper wil l be an analysis of Virgil justification of Rome s sense of  Divine Mission as seen in the  Aeneid , when Aeneas is told by his father Anchises in the Underworld:  But you, Roman, must remember that you have to guide the nations by your authority, for this is to be your skill: to graft tradition onto peace, to show mercy to the conquered, and to wage war until the haughty are brought low.

1. Begin your essay with the theme you wish to discuss. Link the theme to the passages you have chosen and discuss how they illustrate the point you wish to make. Make sure your paper has a title related to the topic, an introduction telling the reader what it is all about and ***a distinct thesis statement (*** I do not want *** simply *** a re-statement of the assignment ***). When you make your points in support of your thesis statement, lead with a few words of your own into the quotes you use.

2. Use text quotes from Virgil s  Aeneid to illustrate the points you are trying to make. Source the text quotes; indent longer quotes (more than a couple of lines long).  I think, I believe ... etc. is unnecessary; the paper represents your thinking... Opinions can be represented, but after your conclusion (which is based on the proof you provided for your thesis).

3. Use material that demonstrates divine intervention in the struggle to found Rome, the fatedness of the characters, personal elements (such as the individual and authority; male -female relationships; struggle and competitions; relationships with other members of one s own society or representatives of other cultures; emotional attitudes and the ways the author of the work shows these. You may also use historical perspectives (such as how  appropriate or  typical the behavior is; how courage and responsibility are handled; what the role of the supernatural in the story may be).
References to the text may be indicated with page number. A list of secondary sources used is to be provided. Please, limit your quotes from all secondary works to 10% of the completed paper or less
 I am looking for your reading and your thoughts on the text.

So We are reading the Book called The Aeneidby Virgil, translated by W.F.Jackson Knight, ISBN is 2900140440514