Ompare Chinese and American High School

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Yuhan Zhao
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Compare Chinese and American High School-

With the improvement of the living standards of Chinese, more and more overseas students have chosen to come to the United States to study. Data shows that by 2013, there was over 200,000 Chinese students study in the American high school. When I was a junior, I transferred from a Chinese high school to United States high school. It was a huge change in my life. In my opinion, compared to the Chinese and American high school, Chinese high schools different from American high schools in many ways.
Both Chinese and American high school students have to tolerate mundane and stressful study. In America, to attend a good college, a student needs a high GPA score, volunteer time, few AP classes and a good personal essay. But in China, students just need spend their whole time to prepare for the college entrance examination. The exam score is the only element that decided which university would enroll you.
Teachers in China focus on how to make students get a higher grade. If one student is lagging behind the class, teachers will stop and help him or her .In order to let every student have a good score, some students will need to work harder or spent more time than others to achieve the same results. For example, teachers are willing to spend their own time (after work) to make up studentsi?? quiz, or help them to finish their homework in order to get a higher score in the college entrance examination. Parents are also willing to help students who are not be good at a subject to learn the tools that they need to succeed in that particular subject, even if it means working outside of school on the weekend and pay more money for the tutors. Thati??s why Chinese high school students donT have time to have an active social life outside to the school.
Contrast to the American high school, it is focuses on the individual and studenti??s self-study. Students can measure their level by themselves, or choose the classes they are interested. Therefore, if a U.S. student is lagging in his or her math class, he or her can move into a lower level math class or drop the math class.
In Chinese high school, the class is more formal and respectful than American class, because Chinese class based on the teacher lecturing and the students listening quietly. This means that students can do well in class by being attentive and take notes, but it also means that less interaction and communication between the teacher and students. In America, studentsi?? personal expression is valued heavily and affect the final grade. Many classes based on discussing with the group, speech, and classroom participation. So a student who is attentive but never speaks up could receive a lower grade.
Compare Chinese high school and American high school, both of these types of school are fit for their own countries, and education system.