Ompare Contrast 2 Poems A Working Girl Cant Winand Advice to my Son”

Comparison-Contrast Essay Assignment (min 750 words)

1. Write a critical essay that examines and compares any two poems from our text, but choose poems that we will not have discussed extensively.

2. The poems may not be by the same author.

3. Choose work about which you have not yet written.

4. Look for literature that has similar themes or figurative language or speaker tone or symbolism or imagism or structure.

5. You will include at least four outside (also called a?secondarya?) sources as a stimulus for analyzing the primary text. Why use outside sources for writing about literature? Including other voices or opinions into your paper helps support your argument. Donat forget to include key passages from the primary sources (the works themselves) to support your claims. Always cite primary works in works cited pages.

6. Next, develop your critical perspective through careful analysis of the primary work and secondary works. In what ways are your two selections similar? Different? You shall determine this through the observation and exploration of symbolism, imagery, characterization, point-of-view, sound effects, rhythm and meter, structure, figures of speech, tone, and other literary devices weave discussed. Donat try to address all elements of a work; instead, pick one primary element (ex: a?The Purpose of Synecdoche in Louis Simpsonas a?The Battlea and T. S. Eliotas a?Prufrockaa? or a?aThe Lake Isle of Innisfree,a a?The Red Wheelbarrow,a and the Imagery of Escapea? or a?The Politics of War in [two literary works].a? Generally, you will discover that poems do not exist merely as a showcase for clever literary tools and techniques.

7. Then, youall want to develop a thesis statementa a single direct sentencea¦that concentrates in a nutshell what you wish to emphasizea your central idea. Feel free to run proposed thesis statements by me, but contact me early in the process.

8. Once you have a thesis statement, youall spend the remainder of your essay supporting your central idea of point you wish to make.

9. Draft your paper, making use of quotations, following quotation guidelines in our grammar handbook.

10. Pay attention to verb tense conventions in literary papers. Generally, you should use present-tense forms when writing about authors of and speakers in a given work.

11. Be careful to avoid plagiarism. Provide citations for all borrowed information.

12. Follow standard manuscript format as spelled out on my syllabus.

13. Always title your papera itas an important reader cue.

14. Always include an excerpted thesis statement immediately after the title and before the first sentence of your introductory paragraph.

15. Include a Works citedpage at the end of your paper. More than 4 outside sources is better! Use no more than one Web-based outside source. Journal articles are strongly preferable. All things considered, your works cited page will contain a minimum of 6 sources (4 secondary and 2 primary).

16. Paginate your multi-page submissions.