Ompare & contrast Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India

Subject area: History of World Civilization to 1500

You will need to compare & contrast Ancient Egypt (Hymn to the Nile,The King s Dream,The Coming of the Great Queen,Papyrus Lansing), Mesopotamia (Gilgamesh,Code of Hammurabi), and India(Laws of Manu, R. K. Narayan  The Ramayana ) regarding their religious beliefs and practices; governmental structure, duties, and characteristics; class system, occupations and hierarchy; and gender roles and marriage and family relations. I will provide you a class material (power point). You must use the material that I provide you. You must know about the following stories: Gilgamesh, Hymn to the Nile, Rig Veda, The King s Dream, The Coming of the Great Queen, Papyrus Lansing, Code of Hammurabi, Laws of Manu and The Ramayana. You might need the book called  Source of world civilization volume I A diversity of traditions third edition by Oliver A. Johnson and James L. Halverson and R. K. Narayan  The Ramayana .
Be specific demonstrate you read and understood the sources.
Do not give your personal opinion or judgment of the data. Be detached. Avoid using the first person I or we or second person you. Never compare anything with today, the U.S. or a different time period or society unless specifically instructed to do so.
A title page, bibliography and footnotes are unnecessary. Use page numbers for quotations, quasi-quotations (paraphrases), or other very specific items. Cite sources as . . . . (Papyrus Lansing, Johnson and Halverson, 27; or Ramayana, 45). Use quotations sparingly, no more than two per page (and each less than 3 lines long). Paragraphs should be longer than one sentence but less than 1/2 page long.
In the first paragraph, identify all sources being used, the topic you are addressing, and subsets of it. The subsets will constitute the remaining paragraphs, such as one paragraph for the gods, one for worship, one for the afterlife, etc. Conclude with the major points you want to leave with the reader, such as the most glaring differences between the three civilizations. Title your paper with an appropriate title. Include your name on the first page, upper right or left corner. Include the page number somewhere on all pages after the first (first page numbering optional).
You should not do any additional research for the class assignment. Violation of these rules, or any cheating or collaboration with others on assignment will lower your grade for the assignment, possibly down to 0. Points also be deducted for failure to follow directions, and for the typed papers, excessive spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.