Ompare & Contrast Edgar Allen Poes The Tell Tale Heartand The Fall of the House of Usher”

Your job, for this assignment, is to write at LEAST a five-page essay in which you compare & contrast Edgar Allen Poes The Tell Tale Heartand The Fall of the House of Usher”.

You must incorporate four secondary sources. If you do not quote from or paraphrase four secondary sources, I will not pass the assignment.

Sources can ONLY come from a library (i.e., books) OR a librarys online databases.

You may use another institutions, or a public librarys databases. Feel free to incorporate more than four secondary sources. Likewise, you are expected to engage and really Useyour sources–in other words, to make an A on this assignment, I expect more than the required three quotations from, or paraphrases of, your sources.

You are welcome to incorporate historical, cultural, and social sources, but at least two of your sources must be literary in nature.

You need a works-cited page: for help with citing works from the textbook, refer to #10 on the following web page (for scholarly article, see #31) : author.

**** ↑These Rulesapply whether you are quoting from the text(s)/literature (the Storieswe read this semester) OR from your secondary sources.

You will obviously quote (or paraphrase) from the literature to provide support for claims.

You will also Useyour secondary sources for the same reason.
Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing

This is a major assignment, and I expect quality work!!!!!! I strongly encourage you to visit the ONSITE writing center–if you cannot, at least send your essay to Smarthinking once or twice!

Fast Track to a C:

One paraphrase or quote from each source

Do not properly integrate paraphrases/quotations with your ideas/sentences

Incorrect in-text citations

Incorrect works-cited page

Incorrect MLA formatting (headers, spacing, margins, and so on)

Weak topic/concluding sentences

Weak paragraph transitions

Fast Track to a D/F:

Do not paraphrase or quote from at least three sources

Weak paragraph transitions

Weak topic/concluding sentences

No in-text citations

No works-cited page

No thesis statement

Please write in Times New Roman / Font 12 / Double Spaced/ 1Margins

The textbook these stories come out of is The Norton Anthology of AMERICAN LITERATURE Sixth Edition.

Thank you.