Ompare & contrast fossil fuels and Renewable Energy. What are the benefits of both and negatie of both?

mustaf/ ENG 095
Compare and Contrast

Working for the earth is not a way to get rich, it is a way to be rich
Paul Hawken

What is sustainability? With Bcc focus on environmental stewardship and sustainable operations, it seems only natural to further examine this focus. I d like for you to compare and contrast two things within the realm of sustainability that you would like to look more closely at. It could range from technology, to sustainable living and practices. Regardless, chose two different ideas that you would like to explore.

An easy way to choose and write about a topic for this essay would be to look at two things which are closely similar and to show their differences (contrast). Or, you may look at two things that are very different and attempt to show how similar they can be (compare). OR, you can do a combination of both (compare and contrast) to show how alike and different these two topics can be.

With this essay, several strategies will be employed to help you to tackle this assignment. We will spend time in class on how to approach this essay, and to also learn how to answer the important  so what question that accompanies an essay of this nature. Lastly, the key to this paper will be how well you focus and maintain that focus throughout your paper.
This paper should be about 3-4 pages and will also require some form of research to be included within your essay. This will be discussed further. Lastly, when the paper is due, I will be collecting ALL of your process work, so please hold on to AND actually start at the beginning of the writing process, as your pre-writing will be counted as part of your final essay grade.