Ompare & Contrast (High School vs College)


*This is an academic essay, so please refrain from the use of any street/popular slang or phraseology, along with any other inappropriate language. Maintain a professional tone throughout your paper. Also, you are no longer writing about yourselves. The evidence must come from your own research & written in the third-person. No more i??I.i??

Compare & Contrast two items or ideas in a fully developed essay. One classic example would be to present points of comparison & contrast between a book & its movie adaptation. In this case, you would write about the differences between the two, offering specific examples from the book that are different than the movie, then offering specific examples from the movie that are portrayed differently than in the book. Then, you can provide any/all similarities. You can also reverse the structure by providing the similarities first, then following that up with the differences. Either way is fine, so long as the motivation behind it is compelling.

Other ideas could be to compare & contrast two different viewpoints on a single topic. For example, you may want to compare & contrast two significant viewpoints on the war in the Middle East/Terrorism, or on the U.S. economy. You may want to compare the educational systems in the U.S. versus those in another country. It could also be as simple as comparing & contrasting the IPhone vs. the Samsung Galaxy, the influence of movies to the influence of books, or two athletes within a single sport, or across two different sports. The possibilities are endless.

*Do not forget that there has to be a reason behind your comparison & contrast. Whether a thematic reason (such as the Grant & Lee essay, the way it explores how both men embodied the ideology & personality of the sides they represented), or something as simple as taking two things that appear alike on the surface, only for them to have some very compelling differences. You can also reverse it: taking two things that appear different on the surface, only for them to have some very compelling similarities. Either way is fine.

Essay Requirements

This essay should be 800-1000 words, Double-Spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins all around. Make sure you properly indent your paragraphs. I will be subtracting points if your paper does not display the proper format.