Ompare / Contrast Social Issue found in Arthur Miller and Karl Marx / Ferdinand Tonnies

This essay is for my business and society class, it is an argumentative essay compring the simlarities or contrasting the differences betweeen the creative writing piece
All My Sons by Arthur Miller and any writings done my Karl Marx or Ferdinand Tonnies. This essay is a chance too provides an opportunity to contrast/compare two view points on your issue as they can relate to the study of buisness and society. This is a compare and contrast essay! You must define a social issue then compare and contrast two viewpoints. You are not comparing/contrasting two readings but opposing views on a social issue. The topic picked must be related to some of the issues brought up during lecture, since you were not there I would like the topic to be about a) Capitalism b) Labor Views c) Social Contract. The key process here is to identify similarities and differences, strenghths and weaknesses in your viewpoints. Then take a position either for or agaisnt one of these viewpoints or develop a synthesis of both viewpoints. Furthermore you must refer to two course readings at least three times each for a total of six references from the course readings (The course readings will be uploaded as a file for you, let me know whether you would like the Karl Marx readings or the Ferdinand Tonnies readings) You must use proper referencing techniques (MLA) Failure to do so consitutes plagarism and makes you subject to academic sanction

All sources must be in quotations and properly cited I hate to be redundant but I have had this problem in the past and I would like to make sure before work is accepted that citations are very important and must be done correctly. Please let me know ASAP which readings you would like me to scan and upload for you.
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