Ompare & Contrast The Patriot (Mel Gibson) & The Green Berets

Please choose one of the following pairs of films to view. You will write paper about 5 to 8 pages in length (not counting a Work Citedpage) comparing and contrasting the films.

Any sources from which you take words or ideas must be specifically cited, using parenthetical references and a Work Citedpage. If you dont know how to do that, look it up here: mla.html.

Your paper has two main parts:

First, write a summary section for each film, stating briefly the plot of the film (first do one film, then do the other).

Second, compare and contrast the two films. What do they have in common and what makes them different? Learn about each film, and cite your sources in the paper. Please address as many of the following questions as you can, in clearly identified sections:
-What general political messages, ideological posture, or significance do you find in the film? For example, whose political beliefs might the film reflect? The star, the producer, the screenwriter, the director, the film industry, public opinion at the time? When was it made, and what political events might it be referring to or influenced by?
-Who are the antagonists (for example, who is the Good guy,and who is the Bad guy”) and what forces or groups in society do they represent?
-What is the nature of the conflict(s) depicted in the films? What are people in conflict about?
-What theory(s) of human nature and motivation does the film represent?
-What perspective(s) on the nature of justice does the film present?
-What perspective(s) on the value of individualism as opposed to group or community action do you find in the film?
-What theory(s) does the film have regarding the nature of political power, who has it, how it is acquired, and how it is exercised?
-What viewpoint(s) does the film present on what government should do, or be, or what its objective should be? For example, is government good or bad at solving conflicts or dispensing justice?

THE FILMS: The films are in pairs. You must choose one of these pairs (meaning that you watch both films in a pair) and write your paper about both films in that pair. You may not pick and choose from various films in the list, or substitute films that are not on the list, so please dont ask.