Ompare & contrast two online holiday companies i?? and

tittle:Compare & contrast two online holiday companies br /
The clue for doing well with this choice is in the heading... COMPARE AND CONTRAST!!!! Consider the br /
different audiences for and and how they can be targeted both on and br /
offline. br /
Discuss the various opportunities in reaching these segments and how they may differ. Research the lifestyles br /
and needs of varying clusters and consider USPas and marketing tools which will enable the companies to br /
create and maintain loyalty. Which third party companies can assist in marketing ventures and what effect can br /
the optimization of the sites have in each case. br /
Students should use examples drawn from the activities of these companies and screen shots from web pages br /
must be included. The student should offer a critical evaluation of the websites that supports the discussion. br /
Essentially this assignment option is about analysing and improving the marketing, trust and reputation of br /
existing brands. Regardless of the specific target audiences, share of wallet or current perceptions It is not br /
conceivable that any one brand has perfect marketing communications so, letas see what one brand can learn br /
from the other in order to improve brand value and customer loyalty! br /
Clearly it is essential to sign up to any and all communications offered by these brands both on and offline as br /
early as possible in order to build and analyse a realistic case /
--br /
Regardless of which assignment option you choose to complete, you ALL need to consider br /
and include in your discussion where relevant: br /
Choice of distribution channels in an online environment a how this fits with strategic positioning br /
a Delivery/fulfilment Partner shipping with distribution channels a Franchising to meet diverse or br /
cultural demand Standardisation /
Exclusivity issues Cross border pricing issues. Market sensitive pricing. Grey market br /
importation. Copying & copyrighting internationally. Redundant stock and surplus stock, exclusive br /
brand value a deterioration of integrity of the brand. Is internet activity homogeneous & where are br /
potential problems likely to cause /
Site optimization and SEO factors. Social media, what impact can this have. Is social media br /
relevant in each case. Database collation information extraction cookies, forms & data capture br /
ethical issues regarding data capture, analysis and /
3rd party online marketing links popups, banners, click throughs, PPC, Google Adwordsbr /
Offline marketing: what traditional media is still essential for integrated marketing. Bricks & mortar /br /
clicks & mortar / flips & mortar. br /
Measurability: measuring the success of each marketing venture, comparing & contrasting br /
results. Consider measurement through: Aims & objectives, sales, downloads, hits, membership, br /
correspondence, changes in attitude, loyalty to brand etcbr /
Consider: Future focus, emerging technologies, emerging trends, technological developments, br /
geographic spread issues, differing cultures, broadband availability, standardisation Vas diversification br /
Please Note: I am looking for application & critical analysis of the theoretical models NOT descriptionbr /
br /
in additional: pls see the PPT from my lecture.. you can use relevant theory form those PPT. like segmentation,targeting,positional /
br /
br /
please read carefully this instructions.