Ompare & Contrast U.S. Involvement in Iraq and U.S. Involvement in Rwanda Genocide Is US a humanitarian country?

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I have a essay to write on comparing and contrasting U.S. involvement in Iraq with U.S. involvement in Rwanda (The genocide cleansing”).
Is U.S. a humanitarian country? This is for my Christian ethics class.
This is a critical essay reflection, were you have to respond to issues of moral relevance and try your hand at being an ethicist.
You will be graded on your constructive engagement with the material.

I have major writers block and I am relying on your excellent services to help me on this essay.

***Source: Please use any reliable sources like internet, books, or newspaper articles BUT please please if you quote anyone please explain the quote in your own words (at least 3 sentences of your own words after each quote)

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