Ompare County,State,and Federal correctional officers

Sorry for the short time frame, but I have this paper due 3/2/07 8am easteren time. I am not real happy with the first paper I ordered on this topic, Probably because you didnt write it. I am truely lucky to have stumbled across such a great writer in You”.. At least 4 pages, 1 inch margins all the way around, double spaced. Comparing; County, State, and Federal correctional officers. 1. Education required, 2. Training received, 3. Pay scales, 4. Number of officers in each thourgh out the country. 5. Also touch on the fact that the job out look is considered to be good. Try and use the most up to date sources when checking the numbers. Thank You and maybe some day you can teach me how to be such a GREAT WRITER like yourself. Alan