Ompare Donnes A Hymn to God the Fatherand U2s Unknown Caller”

On the face of things, Donnes A Hymn to God the Fatherand U2s Unknown Callerseem wholly unrelated cultural productions. How far do you find them addressing comparable issues from a comparable vantage? What critical argument can you propose about the comparison?

My prof s hints for essay writing
1. Know what you re talking about
2. White in an active voice. Avoid excessive use of the verb  to be and passive constructions
3. Keep your sentences short and your longer ones, when you do need them, will be much more effective.
4. Paragraphs have topic sentences
5. Essays have arguments

Introduction: Your introduction should introduce your argument. Do not introduce Renaissance poetry or authors more generally, etc. Provide a thesis statement that summarizes your overall argument then develop its terms by way of preparing for that argument more fully. Explain the issues you have in view and which texts you mean to analyze in support of your argument.
Body of essay: Each of these paragraphs needs a topic sentence (or more) to state the issue. Avoid compounding topic sentences unnecessarily. Then supply some further sentence developing that issue and thus move through the more specific analysis that supports your claim. If your paragraph has fewer than five or six sentences, it may well be too fragmentary and your analysis too little developed. Generally, if your paragraph is longer than 300 words it is likely too descriptive or spreads over two or more issues. In either case, emphasize your topic(s). If you find there are two or three topics, divide the paragraph into two or three paragraphs accordingly with stronger topic claims
Conclusion: Your conclusion should present a more general final development of your argument, that is a last or crowning take on your subject. Yes, it needs to expand beyond the narrow particulars of the preceding analysis, which it should now further synthesize in some way  it is usually best to avoid fresh detail at this point. No, it should not give way to general philosophizing about the meaning of poetry or the human condition, unless those have been the specific subject(s) of your essay as a whole (unlikely).