Ompare Edwards Sinners from the Hand of an Angry Godto the preaching of today and the thought of end of days coming soon.

This is my first paragraph with the thesis and must be used but can be edited->”Jonathan Edwards was one of the biggest leaders of a?The Great Awakeninga? in Colonial America. This was a fire and brimstone approach for the revival of Puritanism in Colonial America. Edwards felt That this society was on a path to hell. If you read the news or watch television today, you will hear talk of wars, natural disasters and crime that seem to be running rampant in our society. You will also see
many Christian Evangelicals talking of our lives being at the hand of God. Edwardas a?Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Goda?, if read today, would likely put fear in many people who are in doubt of their faith and worried of the seemingly upcoming end of times.

Please quote passages from Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God”
No citations are necessary


This is to be, essentially, a comparison essay.
What central themes, values, and/or ideals are being expressed by Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God? So that you focus first on the literature, you might select a few (2-5) specific passages and discuss how each reveals or deals with the theme/value/ideal you have identified. Then, bring the work to the present day by discussing how those same themes/values/ideals are revealed, missing, changed, devalued, still-present, or whatever the case may be, today. What has caused those changes, if any? If they still are with us, in what form do we see them? Another approach might be to discuss how a modern person might react or deal with the situations presented in the passages selected. Or, how might the speaker or narrator of the passages/stanzas selected react if placed in todayas world?

1. Avoid using first person a?I.a?

2. This is intended to be first and foremost a literary analysis. It is not meant to be a biography or a history essay. Some biography or history may of course be present, but the focus of the essay should be on the literature.

3. Do not use any outside/secondary sources. This essay is meant to be your argument, your opinion on the topic being discussed.

4. Of course, you should quote from the literature being discussed. You should use relevant quotes that help make your points. Be sure that these quotes flow smoothly with your own sentences and paragraphs.