Ompare Hales Outsider with Burrows Junky (see instructions)

The essay is a comparison with a?A Nation of Outsiders: How the White Middle Class Fell in Love with Rebellion in Postwar Americaa? by Grace Elizabeth Hale and the 1951 book: a?Junkya? by William S. Burroughs. The instructions for the essay are below and MLA (page citations where needed, etc.) and a Works Cited page are required.

Essay 1
Gorham Doss
Eng 225

DUE: Friday, September 23

Topic: Write an essay that explores how William Burroughs uses (or fails to use) the figure of the outsider in Junky. Your essay should have an arguable thesis; that is, it should make a claim about the text with which others could reasonably disagree. You should use textual evidence from the novel to support your claims. You may also use the Hale or the online reading to support your claims. If you choose to you use additional sources, please be sure that they are reputable, academic sources (i.e. no Wikipedia).

Length: The final draft of your paper should be a minimum of four pages long. You must include a Works Cited page, though it does not count towards the length requirement.

Other Requirements: In addition to your final draft, you will need to submit the following materials stapled together in the following order:
a? Evaluation Worksheet (on top)
a? Final Draft
a? Rough Draft with peer comments/worksheet
a? Invention notes and outline(s)

Please remember that in order for an essay to receive a passing grade that (1) all of the materials listed above must be included, (2) the paper must be properly formatted according to MLA guidelines, and (3) the final draft must meet the length requirement.

Name:_____________________________________ Grade:_____________

Essay 1 Evaluation: Your essay will be evaluated based on the criteria below. A a?+a? indicates above average, a a?a?sa? indicates average, and a a?–a? below average.

Introduction: The essay includes an introduction that has an effective hook, clearly indicates the topic, provides any necessary background information, clearly states the thesis, and indicates how the rest of the essay will proceed.

+ a?s —

Focus: The essay has a controlling or main idea that genuinely engages the reading in interesting, original and insightful ways. Each paragraph has a topic sentence that supports the main idea of the essay.

+ a?s —
Development: Thorough explanation of ideas, including good use of supporting details and examples from the reading where appropriate.

+ a?s —
Use of Sources: The writer uses sources effectively. Quotations are integrated into sentences and their relevance adequately explained. The writer uses a mix of summary, paraphrase, and quotation. The writer uses MLA in-text citation correctly.

+ a?s —
Coherence and Organization: Ideas are logically organized and the transition from one idea to the next is smooth and orderly. The essay does not include irrelevant ideas, those that do not support or clarify the main idea of the essay.

+ a?s —
Mechanics: Punctuation, grammar, usage, etc.
+ a?s —
Style: Sentence variety, diction, tone, etc.
+ a?s —