Ompare healthcare in the United States with Japan

discuss at least the following topics. You may choose to add to this minimum list to enhance the paper. The format is at bottom. The higher points need more detail. NO fluff please:
1a. What model of healthcare does the US and Japan have? [Beveridge, Bismarck, National Health Insurance or Out-of-Pocket] [10 pts]

1b. In 10 sentences or less, describe the Beveridge, Bismark, National Health Insurance and Out-of-Pocket models. [40 pts]

2a. How is healthcare financed in the USA and Japan? [10 pts]

2b. What is the average premium for a single adult and for a family of four in USA & Japan? Please convert all money to US dollars when possible. [10 pts]

2c. Is there a co-pay? If yes, what is the amount and when are co-pays necessary? If not, why not? [10 pts]

3. What types of healthcare plans are available in USA & Japan? You must discuss each in detail. The US has managed care plans [Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Exclusive Provider Organizations, Point of Service Plans], and indemnity coverage as well as Medicaid and Medicare so you need to touch on them all in order to be detailed in your response. [100 pts]

4a. Discuss the general role of a gatekeeper. [10 pts]

5a. What alternatives are available if an individual loses their healthcare due to job loss? In the US there is more than one alternative. Please be specific for each country. [35 pts]

6a. What is medical bankruptcy? [5 pts]

6b. Can it happen in USA and/or Japan? Explain why or why not? [20 pts]

7a. Does USA or Japan use a health smart card? [5 pts]

7b. What is a health smart card? [10 pts]

7c. The storage of healthcare records are evolving? Describe that process. [20 pts]

8a. What problems are associated with USAs & Japans healthcare plan(s)? Details please. [50 pts]

9a. If you had a choice to live in USA or Japan, based on your research, which one would you choose and why? Please give us details in your answer. [30 pts]

You may use ONLY Internet source available to you: NEVER use Wikipeida as a source. You may not use textbooks, or journal articles. I need to be able to go to your references and view them on my computer. use APA formatting for this paper. Please see the APA guide under Essential Course Information.

Please follow the directions in writing this paper. Points can be lost for not doing so. Paper should have the question rewritten, and bolded. Your answer should appear directly under the question.


Q1a. What lives on a farm?

Goats, pigs, horses live on farms.

There will be no spaces between your question and answer or any where else in your paper. Before and after paragraph spacing should be set to zero.

Use APA format when citing your paper. Failure to reference your research correctly will cause you to lose points. Follow Purdue OWL website to save time. Read it all before you start. Use 14 pt. font Verdana for the paper.