Ompare how ideas of race are dealt with in Shakespeares Othello and The Merchant of Venice

Please make any noticeable links between the main characters in the TWO Plays because it is ONE essay focusing on two plays and NOT two essays

. Please discuss characterisation and setting and the presentation of the texts e.g. if they are in prose or verse

. Please mention and compare any similarities and differences in each of the main characters in BOTH plays

. Please mention how ideas of race and racial prejudices are ingrained in Venetian Law and Society, in 16th to 17th century Venice, ensuring that foreigners  e.g. Jews are 2nd class citizen even though they are of similar complexions to Venetians and Moors, even though they are respectable and wealthy

. Please use FIVE other Secondary texts including, Dutton & Howards A Companion to Shakespeares Works Vol.1  The Tragedies and Vol. 3  The Comedies and Loomba and Orkins Post-Colonial Shakespeares, to support your opinion on the Racial Themes and the essay as a whole

. Please always refer back to the essay question

Please use ONLY the TWO plays mentioned above as your primary source.

. Please use double spacing and Arial 12 Font

. Please AVIOD using internet websites as a secondary source

.Please set the document in UK ENGLISH

. Please DO NOT re-narrate the plot of the TWO plays or give background information on Shakespeares life

. Please use the Harvard Method for the Bibliography, References and Citation.

. Please include the TWO primary texts in the bibliography