Ompare Lesli in Californiaand Trespasswith regard to The Use of Violence

Word process your essay, using double-spacing.
In your essay, make specific reference to three or four secondary sources (i.e., books, articles, or websites on the writings of your two authors a not by). Do not use non-scholarly sources ending in a?.coma? .
Use MLA style for page references after each quote from a secondary source, as well as for quotes from the stories themselves.
Be sure to connect what the secondary source says, to what you are trying to show. In addition, follow MLA style (as in your documentation tutorial/workshop) for the a?Works Citeda? list at the end of your report.
Avoid long quotes from the stories or the secondary sources (that is, anything over 25 words).
Be sure to build your essay around a central thesis, or statement of what you are trying to prove in your comparison of the two stories a and state that thesis in your opening paragraph. Then proceed to demonstrate and prove it, with at least three separate arguments, each supported by specific examples from the two stories, and a most important a your remarks on these examples.
Do not write separate mini-essays within your paper (that is 500 words about one story, then 500 about the other). An effective comparison proceeds a?point-by-pointa, that is, by moving back and forth constantly between the two things being compared