Ompare messages and representations of sex, love and romance across different magazines

I will upload the five sources needed for this paper, no other more sources needed. Three of these sources are magazines, and the other two are books. This is a Popular Culture Paper, please read the following directions while working on it. PLEASE MAKE COMPARE/CONTRAST OF SEX, LOVE, AND ROMANCE ACROSS THE THREE MAGAZINES I MENTIONED, AND FOCUS ON THESE MAGAZINES.

1.Examine enough data (issues of magazines) to provide you with ample material for in-depth analysis. 2.Must focus on sex, love, and/or romance and NOT merely gender or beauty standards. 3.Analysis should be of representations of and/or messages about sex, love, and/or romance in your pop culture sources. The analysis of the messages/representations contained in your pop culture sources should be central to your paper. Any speculations about how such messages impact the intended audience should follow logically from your analysis, but this should not be your focus. 4.Provide an introduction that makes clear the relevance of your topic and argument. 5.Your introduction should conclude with a strong, clear, specific thesis that follows logically from your analysis and specifies your stance. 6.Body paragraphs should have strong topic paragraph sentences linked to your thesis, and should contain evidence from your popular culture sources and course readings that support your argument. 7.End with a conclusion that discusses the implications of your findings. 8.Use proper citation (author name and page numbers for direct quotes)