Ompare movie the personals and Cape No.7 (title up to you)

Here is the link for u to watch the
movie the personals

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this is a commentary and here is some idea to get points:

Objective: Write a twothree page, typed-up essay to reflect on what the films and essays are about, whether the issues are significant, and how so.
Form: Approximately 1000 word essay written in this order: first, highlight theme(s) or scene(s) in the two films we have just viewed over the period of two weeks; compare and contrast them by providing analytical detail and textual evidence; then, indicate why and how you like (or even dislike) one or both of them.

Grade breakdown:
2.5 points: 250-300 word thesis and summary;
2.5 points: 250-300 word textual analysis;
2.5 points: 250-300 word perspective and reflections;
2.5 points: original contribution to the class discussion.

Focus and Analyze: Doni??t Generalize; Retell Story; or Relate the Films to your Personal Experience (Beware of Intentional or Affective Fallacies)
Use Textual Examples (Shots; Scenes; Dialogues; Music, etc.)

In Search of Dreamland/love
Subaltern Culture: Voices from the Margin
Transnational Romance
Music, Kungfu, and Soft Power
Local and Global Competitiveness
Blindness and Insight

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the topic is Compare movie the personals and Cape No.7 (title up to you)