Ompare or contrast the democratisation process in either two second wave or two third wave European countries.

Focus on the factor of democratization such as, the civil society, the elite, economic modernisation, external factors, political culture, institutions etc…

The essay includes a clear introduction and a clear conclusion
Your argument is explicitly stated in the introduction, and systematically developed and substantiated throughout the discussion; repeating an assertion does not make it an argument.
Your paper is not a set of notes but a coherent justification of a position.
Points and sections are always clearly linked.
Referencing is comprehensive and accurate. You must read and refer to a minimum of 20 sources. It is important to have a balance between academic sources and other material.
a? Include a reference list with entries in alphabetical order by author surname.
a? Font size should be read comfortably Times Roman 12 point
a? Use 1A? -2 line spacing
a? Left and right margins at least 3 cm for comments
a? Ensure pages are numbered