Ompare Plato to Aristotle Response Paper

Compare the Plato to Aristotle:

1: With regards to the mortality of the soul, whose account do you find most convincing? [Plato discusses his view more completely in passages that I did not assign. If you choose this prompt, you might find pages 313-316 (608d1-611d5) of the Republic useful in your response]


2: On page 127-28 (439e5-440a3) of Platoas Republic, he references the story of Leontius gazing upon a pile of corpses that he finds along the North Wall of Piraeus. Whose account of what is taking place is most convincing?

Response Paper 2: (10%) (2-4pages) In this paper you will be asked to respond to one of these two prompts by doing three specific things:

1. State your personal view on the matter, using the kind of reasoned argumentation that weave practiced in discussion, the PrA©cis, and Response Paper 1.

2. After articulating your position, construct the best argument that you can think of that might be given against your own. i.e. a?Some people might argue thata¦a? Since we now have two philosophers to work with, the best opposing argument might well be one that the other philosopher actually makes. Note, be careful not to construct a straw man, i.e. donat make this easy on yourself. Try your best to come up with the strongest argument that an opponent actually would give.

3. Finally, you must do your best to dismantle that opposing argument so that someone reading your paper would end up agreeing with your original position.

Remember, I am not simply looking for a two-page paper on how an issue makes you feel. Clear, carefully constructed arguments are required. Be sure to review the handout a?Avoiding Fallacious Reasoning,a? when constructing both your own and your opponentas viewpoint.