Ompare (Similar aspects) the ethnographic fieldwork of Malinowski, Radcliffe-Brown and LeviStrauss. What impact did they have?

Compare similar aspects of the Ethnographic fieldwork of some of the founding fathers of Ethnography.
malinowskihis work in the torbriand Island
RadcliffeBrownhis work in the adaman islands.
Levi-strausshis work in Brazil.
Use their theories and ethnographies to simillarly compare them and their general impact in the ethnographic field of study.

Using appropriate Anthropology books or journals such as a?Ethnography,a? a?Current Anthropology,a? a?American Anthropology,a? or a?The Journal of Contemporary Ethnographya?, Your paper should include a title page, a 5-6 page paper, and a list of resources cited (presented alphabetically by author). Research papers should use a minimum of 5 Anthropology journal articles or books as sources (6 or more is recommended). These should all be from academic journals (or books where appropriate). Normally, 2/3 or more will come from Anthropology sources. Popular websites, magazines and other media sources can be useful in the sense that they constitute ethnographic data and can be used and cited in addition to the academic sources. However, they are not a substitute for scholarly research. (meaning you can use them but do not count as your 6 sources and should be counted additionally)
Please remember that papers must normally be primarily anthropological/ethnographic in their focus. A good way to ensure this is to be sure to use primarily anthropological sources in your paper. Research papers should be typed and double-spaced. Entries should be presented in alphabetical order (by author).