Omparing the way that Karl Marx and Max Weber perceive social classes”

Here is my term proposal, which incldes the following infromation:

Term Paper Proposal by Jan Mikolajczak The title of the paper will be
a?Comparing the way that Karl Marx and Max Weber perceive social
classes.a? The topic of the paper will be Social classes. The paper
precisely will compare the different ways that Karl Marx and Max Weber
look at the topic of Social classes.

It will show similarities and differences between the ways they look at
the subject. I will first show the way that Karl Marx looks at the idea
of social class, alienation and social conflicts. Afterwards I will
show and discuss the ways that Max Weber agrees with parts of the
theories of Marx and show the different things that he adds on. I will
anticipate that the Theory of Max Weber is far more applicable to
nowadays. This is because it not only talks about economic possession
in social class stratification he mentions the type of social power
that arises from the economic possessions. He believed that the
conflict would arise from the fact that rich people have for example
some political influence vs. the fact that they just own more things
then someone else. Weber also talks about the chances that the rich
have opposing to middle or lower class. I anticipate that I will arrive
at the conclusion that Weberas works are far more precise and fit my
perception of the subject. I think that Marx took everything to the
extreme not mentioning the fact that humans are complicated. The paper
will be related to this course since we have discussed these topics. We
have spent a significant amount of time on Marx and Weber thatas why I
think it is relevant to write a paper about this topic. I will use the
following readings: -Critique of modern German philosophy according to
its representatives Feuerbach. Bauer and Stirner. Chapter 2 Spirit of
capitalism, Max Weber Chapter 5 Asceticism and the spirit of
capitalism The Distribution of Power within the political Community :
Class, Status, Party