Omparison and Contrast: Essay showing both similarities and differences in readings related to individual and society

Please write an essay comparing and contrasting the assumptions about the individual and society in these two stories The Lotteryby Jackson and Omelasby Lequin.
1. Introduction: introduce both authors and pieces of literature. Provide background. End the intro paragraph with a thesis statement.
2. Begin with a topic sentence that mentions both literature and explain what you are analyzing.Quote/paraphrase from both literature and explain. Transition. Please paragraph # 1 i will want it to be analyzing the similarities of both stories only and paragraph # 2 follow same format of paragraph 1 and analyze the differences only of both stories.Last conclude: summarize your main point
So, this essay should have four paragraph. Intro. paragraph 1 similarities only and paragraph 2 differences and the conclusion paragraph. Please dont forget the focus of this essay is about individual and society. Thanks!