Omparison between Attitudes toward Foreigners in East and West Germany

Descriptive Analysis

STEP 1: open please data: few immigrants of different race/ethnic group…”
IMPCNTR Allow many/few immigrants from poorer countries outside…”
IMBGECO Immigration bad or good for countrys economy”
IMWBCNT Immigrants make country worse or better place to live”

STEP 4: IMPORTANT: After choosing all necessary variables for our data, a?Split Filea? into EAST and WEST GERMANY (it is our control variable) as we are comparing attitudes toward immigrants/foreigners in or between East/West Germany.

If there are some missing variables, it should be created through the statistical operations, such as a?computea? or a?recodea? etca¦.

STEP 5: Run Descriptive Analysis appropriately (frequencies; Mean, Standard Deviation, Minimum; Maximum; Range, etca¦) for the independents variables associated with (Age; Gender; Marital Status; Education; Income; Employment Status; Economic Condition; Political Climate (Left/Right Wing); Size of out-group population [size of immigrant or foreignersa population]) and the dependent variable a? attitude toward immigrants (foreigners)a?).

STEP 6: I would appreciate if you include the tables or some charts for Descriptive Analysis. It is essential that the work is done professionally.

If there is any problem, please contact me immediately.

STEP 7: PLEASE, SAVE BOTH THE DATA & SYNTAXES and send it to me with the attached file together with the Descriptive Analysis paper. Later, I will need to ask you to precede the Inferential Statistics as well.

As an example I provide the possible variables for computing MEAN of political affiliation LEFT and/or RIGHT WING,like for example:

Country-specific variables, party affiliation[270/270]
Party voted for in last general election[90/90]
Party feeling closer to than others[91/91]
Member of political party[89/89]

OR, the variables associated with Economic well-being;perhaps like:
STFHLTH State of health services in country nowadays”