Omparison between Management Information System (MIS) and Executive Information System (EIS) in Banking System

Part A  Progress Report

This follows the same format at the initial report and has the same 3 sections. It should be 500 words in length.

1. Current Situation
This section should include scheduled objectives and sub-objectives and whether they have been achieved. If not fully achieved then explain why, and give details of those in the process of being achieved, preliminary results, work completed, etc.
2. Problem areas
This should cover current problems and plans for their resolution.

3. Key work during the next period
Specify methods, tasks and activities and the estimates of time to complete them. Indicate the actual progress made and identify any deviation from the original proposal and plan.

Part B  Project Report to Date

This is 1500 words and must include:

1. Table of Contents for your final report, with annotations concerning your intentions for the chapters. It is recommended that you use the Table of Contents feature of Word for this.

2. Draft of at least two chapters  one of which must be the literature review.

3. Comprehensive Bibliography of all the work you have consulted.