Omparison between the novels, Brave New World(by: Aldous Huxley) and “1984(by: Geogre Orwell)

Subject and Purpose

The subject for this essay is Brave New World and 1984.

Your purpose is to compare and contrast the two novels in order to identify and explain their similarities and their differences. You may consider general literary features, such as characters, plot, and setting, or specific concepts, such as society, government, science and technology, or interpersonal relationships. You may build the comparison by considering a range of topics, or you may focus on a single topic.

WARNING: A comparison is not a game of ping pong in which points about two things are hit back and forth. Do not set up your essay so it does this: In Brave New World, the government is nice; it takes care of everyone and gives them drugs and rock n roll. In 1984, the government is mean; it kills people and puts them in prison. In Brave New World, everyone takes soma. In 1984, everyone drinks gin. The essay must explain why such observations matter – that is, how they help us better understand larger issues in the novels. The comparison is not the purpose; it is only a means of saying something meaningful about the novels.

Administrative Information

This essay is worth 200 grade points (meaning it is weighted twice). It must be approximately 1,000 words in length.

This essay requires parenthetical notes and a works cited page. Essays that are deficient in this area will not meet minimum standards and will not pass. (I wont even read them.)