Omparison Essay between Rebecca Makkaias a?The Briefcase and Tobias Wolffas a?Bullet in the Braina?

For this essay, select any two short story selections (Rebecca Makkaias a?The Briefcase and Tobias Wolffas a?Bullet in the Braina? )and highlight a thematic link between the two. For example, the subject you may choose to explore might be the way in which two characters deal with conflicts with society, how two different characters see themselves as outcasts, how two characters are negatively influenced by family situations, etc. Based upon this subject, you will compose a thesis (central idea around which the paper will conform) which identifies clearly what similarity you will be describing.
For example, writer Adam has chosen to use a?Cathedrala? and a?Everyday Usea? for this assignment, and here is his paperas thesis:
Both Alice Walkerasa?Everyday Usea? and Raymond Carveras a?Cathedrala? feature characters who assess another personas relevance according to outward appearance, yet in both cases, the stories convey the theme that oneas true value is found within the soul and not externally.
Within the body of your essay you will be discussing how the authors go about expressing the theme you have identifieda for instance, the support paragraphs in your essay might center around any or all of the following: a similarity between the actions or thoughts of characters (major or minor); a similarity in physical, historical, or geographical settings; the writeras use of irony of any type; the writersa use of symbolism to reinforce the theme, etc. It might be advantageous to use the play as one of your selections since we will be discussing it as you are preparing this essay. Death of a Salesman is a great piece to write about because there are multiple themes which can be matched to numerous different pieces we have discussed.

Please follow the technical guidelines below for this essay.

1. Within the introductory paragraph, clearly identify the authors as well as the story titles.
2. The thesis statement for this paper is, as in any essay, the central focus of the entire paper. Please make certain that the thesis is clear, specific, and factually accurate. It should be clearly stated in paragraph one.
3. Devote equal time to each of the stories in the body of your essay.
4. Use the point by point method of comparison, rather than the block method (we will review this in class).
5. All quoted material from the stories should include a parenthetical notation following the direct quotation. In MLA format, as we know, the page number alone is all that is needed from the primary source. A bibliography in MLA format should be placed at the end of the essay on a separate page.
6. Secondary materials should be introduced with an attributive tag within the text. For the sake of your own credibility as a writer, an attributive tag allows your reader to understand precisely why you have selected the material and why they should take it seriously. As is the case in all academic work, the quality of a secondary reference may positively or negatively impact your message. Choose critical work most carefully.
Essay Rubric for Comparison Essay
Focus and Development of Content 55%
Introduction (10)
Essayas introduction is especially inviting, providing information that draws a reader in (via quotation, anecdote, or biographical matter, for instance). Information within the introduction is connected smoothly with transitional elements. Both stories (pieces) and authors are identified in the opening paragraph.The thesis presents a precise statement of how the two pieces are related thematically. (10)
Body Paragraphs (40)
The body (support) paragraphs ALL include topic sentences which clarify the direction of the paragraph. The paragraphs include relevant, factual support of the idea presented in the topic sentence. Support needed for full audience understanding is present and is carefully selected and suitable in every case. If secondary material is used, the material is appropriate for an academic audience. Secondary material is introduced so that the source of the material is unequivocally clear. Secondary material is smoothly integrated into the text. Supporting examples from the texts should be sufficient in number and should be clear. Material in the supporting paragraphs does not lapse into plot summary.
Conclusion (5)
A conclusion provides a sense of finality. It does not bring up new or unexplained material. It is brief in lengtha 5 to 7 sentences.
Grammar and Mechanics 25%
Sentences are correctly constructed and have varied structure and length. The author has carefully edited and completely avoids mistakes in grammar, mechanics, and/or spelling. The choice and placement of words seems accurate, natural, and unforced. Events of the piece being written on (story, novel, or play) are discussed in the present tense (25)
Format 5%
Includes a creative title, properly centered
Includes MLA cover page information in correct order
Includes pagination
MLA Documentation: Internal (5%)
Correct page reference is included in parentheses at the end of a quote or a paraphrase
Page references and sources correspond with sources found in the Bibliography
Quoted material is introduced with attributive tags or appropriate transitional elements
MLA Documentation: Bibliography (10%)
Essay follows MLA documentation standard requirements exactly.
Includes a Works Cited title, centered
Includes all entries in CORRECT Modern Language Association Format
Is alphabetized by the first word in the citation