Omparison essay on elvis and michel jackson

I need a essay that follows the following instructions to the letter. I was going to use Micheal jackson Elvis for my topics but you can use any topics you choose as long as in meets the folowing instructions!

The Comparison/Contrast Essay:

At the most basic level, comparison focuses on similarities and contrast focuses on differences. However, comparison/contrast is actually an analytical tool which allows the writer to evaluate two or more subjects on the basis of one or more criteria. Comparison and contrast advances and develops your critical thinking as well as your argumentation and understanding of the importance of the events and things you compare.

When you write a comparison/contrast essay, your opinion about the two elements in question becomes your thesis statement; the body of the paper then shows why you arrived at that opinion. There are two principal patterns of organization for comparison/contrast essays: Point by Point and The Block.

Point by Point: This method of organization calls for body paragraphs that compare/contrast the two subjects first on point one, then on point two , then point three, and so on.

The Block: This method of organization presents body paragraphs in which the writer first discusses subject a?Aa? on points one, two, three, and so on, and then discusses subject a?Ba? on the same points.

Assignment: Using either point by point or block organization, you should evaluate two subjects from the list below. Your thesis statement must make a clear assertion about the subjects, not simply state that the subjects are a?similara? or a?different.a? The body of the paper should prove the assertion/judgment offered in the thesis.


Two social networking sites (for example, My Space and Facebook)

Two generations (for example, Generation X and Generation Y)

Two decades (you may compare two subsequent decades or two decades that are separated by intervening decades)

Two pop icons (for example, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson)

Two sports icons (for example, Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps)

Two college football conferences (for example, the SEC and ACC)

Two regional American cultures (for example, the South and the Northeast)

Two Civil Rights leaders (for example, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X)

Two spring break destinations (for example, Panama City Beach, FL, and Daytona Beach, FL)

Two candidates running in the 2010 Alabama gubernatorial election: Robert J. Bentley, Republican nominee, and Ron Sparks, Democratic nominee

Important Tips:

Find your purpose in writing (avoid the a?so-whata? thesis):

Writers of comparison/contrast essays often wish to convince their readers that something is better (or worse) than something else. In other words, they state a clear preference for one subject over the other: a?Panama City Beach, Florida, is a much better spring break destination than Destin Beach, Florida, because it offers cheaper accommodations, better nightclubs, and last but not least, MTV Spring Break.a? However, not all comparison/contrast essays assert the absolute superiority or inferiority of their subjects. Sometimes writers simply want to point out the similarities or differences in two or more people, places, or objects. Thatas fine a as long the writer avoids the a?so-whata? thesis.

To avoid the a?so-whata? thesis, you must compare/contrast for a reason. This purpose will be expressed in your thesis statement. For example, it is NOT acceptable to state that a?Panama City Beach, Florida, and Destin Beach, Florida, are very different spring break destinationsa? or, that a?The famous spring break destinations Panama City Beach, Florida, and Destin Beach, Florida, are both similar and different.a? Instead, you must find a purpose that will draw in your readers. For example, you might choose to direct your thesis to a particular audience: a?Although Panama City Beach, Florida, and Destin Beach, Florida, are both great spring break destinations, Destin Beach is a better choice for families because of its low crime rate, family-friendly restaurants, and numerous family-oriented activities.a? Or, you may choose to show a particular relationship between two subjects. For example: a?The recent construction of a premier outdoor shopping mall, 16 plex modern cinema, and numerous high-rise condominiums clearly demonstrates Panama City Beachas desire to compete with Destin Beach as a a?classya? spring break destination.a? In other words, tell your readers your point and then use a comparison or contrast to support that idea; donat just compare or contrast items in vacuum.

Compare? Contrast? Compare and Contrast?

You may only compare, only contrast, or both compare and contrast in this paper. The type of evidence you provide will depend on the assertion you make in your thesis.

Method of Organization: Point by Point or The Block

Which organization is better? Ask yourself whether you want to focus your readeras attention on the subject (The Block) or the criteria (Point by Point). Many times, your essayas subject matter itself will suggest the most effective method of development. The Block Method might be the better choice when a complete, overall picture of each subject is desirable. For example, a a?then and nowa? essay might be more effective if the description of the a?thena? was presented in its entirety, followed by the contrasting discussion of a?now.a? On the other hand, your essay topic might best be discussed by presenting a number of distinct points for the reader to consider one by one. Essays that evaluate, that argue the superiority or advantage of one thing over another, often lend themselves to Point-By-Point method because each of the writeras claims may be clearly supported by the side-by-side details. (Please note that the point by point method of organization lends itself to the traditional 5-paragraph essay.)

Avoid overgeneralizations:

Be careful to avoid making overgeneralizations in your paper (to overgeneralize is to make too sweeping a statement about something: to draw too general a conclusion about something on the basis of limited or incomplete evidence). Remember, not all Southerners are extremely religious and fried chicken-loving, and not all Pacific Northwesterners are liberal and tree-loving. Probe deeper than popular conceptions and depictions in order to provide a fair evaluation of your subjects.

Use of Examples:

In this essay, you will continue to use examples to support your thesis. You should use as many vivid examples and details as possible to describe both your subjects. Beware a tendency to overelaborate on one subject and then grossly skimp on the other, an especially easy trap to fall into in an essay that asserts a?Xa? is preferable to a?Y.a?

Transitions to signal comparison:

A· similarly

A· as

A· just as

A· like

A· likewise

A· also

A· in the same way

A· by the same token

Transitions to signal contrast:

A· however

A· on the other hand

A· in contrast

A· conversely

A· on the contrary

A· while

A· but

A· yet

A· unlike

A· though

A· although

A· nevertheless

A· nonetheless

A· even though

A· even so

A· rather than

A· instead

A· as opposed

A· counter to

A· still

A· whereas

A· meanwhile

General Requirements:

A· A preview page which includes the audience analysis, thesis/map, and outline.

o The audience analysis should contain approximately four or five sentences that define the intended audience of the essay.

o A complete sentence outline (using Roman numerals for major divisions, capital letters for subdivisions)