Omparison Essay: The films Juno and American Beauty

Using the 8-paragraph essay format and proper MLA formatting, write a 1000-word (minimum) essay using the topic given below.
Your essay should meet the following requirements: i · You should quote at least three times from each film. You should also provide two summaries/paraphrases (one for each term) from the given web site for the definitions of your given terms. You should use 1 semicolon, 1 colon, 1 set of dashes, 1 set of ellipses, and 1 set of brackets (not around ellipses). You should format this essay as a formal research essay, including a title page, an outline, the essay itself, and a works cited page. Do not use the words It,I,or You(or any versions of these words) in your essay unless they are in a direct quote. Your Works Cited page should include both movies and the given web page.
Take the film you used in your Character Analysis Essay and compare that film to a second film of your choosing. Be sure to receive Mr. Fishas approval in your film choice BEFORE writing the draft. You will have to develop three good points-of-comparison between the films, so choose your second film carefully. Here are some pairings that have worked well in the past
Within your essay you should also define and apply any two of the following terms from the website:
anthropomorphism anti-hero Bildungsroman Dystopia existentialism picaresque point of view
If you see a different term from this website that you might want to use, be sure to receive Mr. Fishas approval BEFORE writing your draft.